Family Blessings

08_Ru_03_01_RGWorship on Sunday, November 8th at 10 am will feature scripture from Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17, read by Betty Stacy, telling the story of a young widow who remarries and the blessings of that marriage for her, her widowed mother-in-law and humankind since the son that was born of that union was a predecessor in the lineage of Jesus. Rev. Cheryl Meachen’s sermon is titled, “Family Blessings” and will explore the many different types of families and ways in which we bless each other. The Children’s Message is “What’s In Your Heart?” based on Mark 12:44 with Jesus’ story of another widow who gives a small amount to the temple offering, acknowledging that while others give more, it is only a small amount of all that they have and what the widow gives is a huge percentage—all she has. The choir, directed by Jenny Hinton, will sing. The church is located at 18 Town Crier Drive off Putney Road and is handicap-accessible. Contact us via e-mail or phone 802-254-4218. All are welcome!


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