Untying the Donkey

hosannaWorship this Palm Sunday, March 29th at 10 am will include scripture from Mark 11:1-11, read by Betty Stacy, telling the story of Jesus’ request that the disciples find him a colt and his subsequent entry into Jerusalem to shouts of Hosanna! Rev. Cheryl Meachen’s sermon, titled, Untying the Donkey, will explore what we need to let go of in order to truly experience joy and adoration of Jesus’ presence. The Children’s Time, titled, I Love a Parade, will focus on Mark 11:9-10 and will include a noisy, colorful procession of children throughout the sanctuary. Eleanor Vanderpool will sing The Palms as the congregation processes with fresh palms. A quartet will sing, All Glory, Laud and Honor during the offertory. We will celebrate Holy Communion. Kevin Mills will play the organ. Other Holy Week services include a Maundy Thursday potluck at 6:00pm on April 2 with contemplative worship stations, a community Ecumenical Good Friday service at 12:00 noon on April 3 and a sunrise service at 6:30 am with our sister church at the Town Common in Leyden MA. The Brattleboro church is located at 18 Town Crier Drive off Putney Road and is handicap-accessible. Contact us via e-mail fumcob@gmail.com or phone 802-254-4218. All are welcome!


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