Hating Your Brother is the Pits!

Worship this Sunday, August 10th at 10 am includes scripture from Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28, read by Ron Francis, where Joseph receives a coat of many colors. Bob and Linda Wentworth Barnes will sing “Blessed Be Your Name” as special music and lead the congregational singing. Rev. Cheryl Meachen’s sermon, entitled “pitsHating Your Brother is the Pits!” will explore God’s love at work in the midst of complicated and contentious relationships. The monthly Wishing Well offering will be collected for a scholarship for Tobias Wiah of Liberia who hopes to continue attending SIT. Plan to attend the Annual Blueberry Festival today from 7-2:30pm for a $7 blueberry breakfast, blueberry baked goods, crafts, live music from Michelle Pulver, The Otter River Band and Johnnie Bubar; as well as a $6 BBQ lunch. Contact us via e-mail fumcob@gmail.com or phone 802-254-4218. The church is located at 18 Town Crier Drive off Putney Road and is handicap-accessible. All are welcome!


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