Unable to Stand

Worship this Sunday, August 25th at 10 am will include the reading of Jesus’ teaching about healing the woman who had been crippled for eighteen years on the Sabbath; scripture found in Luke 13:10-17 to be read by Ron Francis. Rev. Cheryl Meachen’s sermon, entitled, Jesus helps the woman on the Sabbath“Unable to Stand,” will explore the things which cripple and imprison us, keeping us from standing for what is right. We will host our ecumenical friends from the First Baptist Church for our second union service of the summer. Rev. Suzanne Andrews will present the children’s sermon. Eleanor Vanderpool will sing “You Raise Me Up.” Lillian Hellinger, Patti French, Betty Stacy and Jane Clarke will sing, “Count Your Blessings” as a double duet and Jean MacLean, Mary Anne Deer, Patti French and Betty Stacy will billow to the song, “People Need the Lord.” We will bless the backpacks which have been donated by members for distribution to needy children, as well as our school teachers and students returning to school. All are welcome!


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